Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Hello all. As I informed Dorian on Monday, I will not be in class tonight because I will be at the Dave Matthews Band show. Please do not take this personally. I still want to see everyone's movies (and I will). I will check them out on your blogs and post my comments. I hope everyone enjoys mine. I have really had a great time in this class. I learned a lot and also sat with impatience looking at my computer screen way too long. That's all part of the schtick though. I guess I better get used to it because next summer I am planning on making an hour long documentary. I can only imagine the time I will spend staring at my computer then (something like 6 months!) So, enjoy tonight. I am very excited to see everyone else's flicks. It's been a blast. Good luck to all of you. I guess I'll see some of you this fall. If you watch the movies at the Tavern, have a beer or two for me. If not go have one anyway. I'll be sure to have a couple for all of you at the show. Cheers!


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