Monday, August 07, 2006

This is my final project. It took many hours of editing and staring at a spinning ball of color. What a relief that it is done. I might go back later and change the music to a soundtrack that I will compose myself. I had to compress it quite a bit to get the file size down and I sacrificed a little quality; but it's not too bad. Hope you like. Let me know with your comments. Good luck to everyone with their movies! Cheers!


Blogger Brian C said...

Yes, Morristino, you are on your way. Funny horror movies are the best--except for The Big Lebowski. Many may misinterpret this movie, thinking that she was fortunate because she only had a nightmare, rather than a stalker. But I watched the movie with a microscope and saw a .015 mg dose of Chiz-hu, a drug uncommon even in China, on her food. This causes people to think they're alive when they're actually dead, and they become spliced with headphones that only allow them to hear Kenny G.
Really, though, the music is excellent. Where did you steal it from? I believe the director and actress are going places, like FSU. The horror movie should be psychological, not special-effects driven, and also include comedy to contrast with the anxiety. So I give you the highest praise and say that this movie was "as good as a box of Cheez-its!"

12:01 AM  
Blogger Brian C said...

I know the problem was probably that you couldn't get the galactic rights to Kenny G's Songs for the Suicidal.

1:23 AM  

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